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In Art History 101, we learned that the Venus of Willendorf ( could possibly have been a self-portrait, and because there weren’t mirrors at the time, the woman would have had to look down at herself for reference, explaining the warped proportions. Of course, no one knows for sure, but I liked the idea of it, so I decided to do a quick self-portrait using the same method of reference.
EDIT: Here’s the rest of the series I made from this idea.


i want to be pretty and skinny and covered with tattoos and be funny and smart and important to someone but oh well

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The fact that the one guy throws down his bag and goes to save the guy, but then he realizes he’s too late. And if you continue watching him, he like throws his hands up and then turns away. He probably feels disappointed that he couldn’t help, but he tried. I bet he didn’t even know the guy. And that really makes me not lose faith in everyone. 

watched this atleast 5 times. too powerful not to reblog.

Everyone else kinda just runs back like the train is boutta explode or somethin.

It’s that fight or flight response


The change you see in his face, it just makes you feel so bad for him, and think about all the times that’s been you, alone in your bedroom


Ugh….. Ever feel like your just not good enough?  *cue Fucking Perfect by Pink*

sometimes when i get sad i write suicide notes